I want to start 2017 with some freebies for writers


Writing has many lovers; those who love her with their lips but not with their pens. My pact with writing is a journey of two lovebirds that have decided to stick with each other whether it rains or the sun shines.
As a writer, I know how frustrating it is to stare at blank screens for hours or days. In January 2015, I made up my mind to morph into a consistent writer and hone my writing skills. I took some daring steps to make my decision a reality. It paid off in unimaginable ways. My latest addiction – writing makes me a regular host of inspiration.
If you are a writer and you are struggling with the whole discipline thing. You know that you need to keep writing everyday but you are clueless on the steps to take. You want to start a series for a story or you want to write a book but discipline is far away from your shores.
I am here to help you!
It is true that you become what you constantly do! You can become an expert in writing if you are willing to pay the price of staying committed to writing consistently.
It is time for you to revamp your blog, transform that powerful idea lurking in your heart into a book and ultimately become an excellent writer. To achieve any of these goals, you have to be disciplined! 
In this new year, I look forward to helping, motivating and inspiring as many writers as possible who think the time is ripe for them to shatter their “writer’s block”. The session will span 21 days starting from January 4, 2017.
Guess what! It is all for free! It is my new year gift to help others become better at what they love. 
I am looking only for committed folks because we are really going to push ourselves gently and hard till we shine as stars.



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Welcome to the winning team! I am so glad to have you here. Your life is about to experience a quantum leap. Thanks. Sam.

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