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15 Powerful Quotes from Mark Twain

15 Powerful Quotes from Mark Twain 18 APRIL, 2018 Samuel Osho If you check the annals of history and carefully search for giants in English literature, you will easily come across a phenomenal writer from America - Mark Twain. Twain's humor can crack your ribs even on...

100 Redundant Expressions You Should Avoid In Writing

100 Redundant Expressions You Should Avoid In Writing 27 MARCH, 2018 Samuel Osho In William Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet, a popular phrase was uttered in the second act by Polonius, "Brevity is the soul of wit [...]" This phrase is adjudged as one of the...

5 Things That Only Writers Will Understand

5 Things Only Writers Will Understand 12 MARCH, 2018 Samuel OshoWriting can be that unique addiction that exhausts you; you write all through the night and read during the day to get inspiration. You assemble letters like a coach sets out with his winning team but you...

A Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Rejection

A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection 26 FEBRUARY, 2018 Samuel Osho Toyota is a popular brand but it's not everyone's favorite. Coca-Cola has stayed with us for more than a century but some consumers will choose Pepsi ahead of Coke. Does that imply that Coca-Cola...

10 Must-Have Tools for Writers

10 Must-Have Tools for Writers 19 FEBRUARY, 2018 Samuel Osho A surgeon without a scalpel has no business in an operating theatre and a sailor without a compass will soon hit an iceberg. In today's fast-paced world where we swim in a sea of distractions, a writer needs...

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