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No Substitutes for Preparation

Samuel Osho

Award-winning American novelist, Sidney Sheldon was once asked, “What did you do before you wrote your first novel?” 
And there he goes, with an epic answer: “I was busy writing other things. I wrote 28 motion pictures, 250 television scripts and 8 Broadway plays.”


Perhaps this explains why his books smashed a plethora of literary records. Maybe this underpins citations that list Sheldon as one of the top ten best selling fiction writers of all time. He remains the only writer to have won an Academy Award, Tony Award, and America Edgar Award. 
Great things don’t just happen. Many things happen by luck or perhaps by mistake but true and lasting success is not one of them.   
Spectacular products don’t fall from the heavens. 
Every good thing requires process and preparation. 
Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I am given eight hours to cut down a tree, I will use six hours to sharpen the axe head and use the remaining two hours to cut down the tree.” 
Robust preparation improves your ability to spot opportunities and takes your execution game to a completely new level. 
It took Bill Gates decades of coding and hard work before earning his billions. 
It took Usain Bolt six years of running before he got his first Olympic Gold Medal. 
Barack Obama roamed the streets of Illinois for 12 years before he was handed the ticket to represent Chicago in the Senate. 


As technology comes with bigger promises of getting things done easier and faster, we must stay true to the timeless principles of preparation and diligence. 



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